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As a former television reporter and producer, my first love is video production. Using moving images and sound to tell a story is THE most powerful and effective tool for businesses.

It’s that passion that led me to start Whole Lotta Grace (formerly known as Taylored Visions) when I left the news industry in 2007. Since then I have been working with business owners and non-profit organizations to better help them tell their stories with videos.

Below is a look at some of my work. Examples range from instructional videos and business testimonials to event videos and same day turn around recaps. To learn more about these services and/or to request a quote, please email nicole@wholelottagrace.com.

   ‘Are you at Risk?’    |   Informational/Educational Video

This video was requested by over 50,000 companies worldwide including McDonalds, Ben & Jerry’s, The Secret Service and Wendys to help their employees and customers better understand the data security risks when using credit cards.






   EasyKeys.com   |   Instructional Videos

EasyKeys.com now has a series of instructional videos to better help their audience navigate the world of office keys, cores and locks.







   DCRS   |   Testimonial

DCRS uses this customer testimonial video to help drive new business and close sales.







  POS Technology   |   Testimonial

POS Technology uses this customer testimonial video to help drive new business and close sales.







  Retail Solutions Providers Association   |   Event Videos & Marketing Campaigns

RSPA uses these videos to help produce effective events that make a lasting impression. Many of these videos were turned around in the same day to help drive home their         call to action while attendees obtain instant gratification as they viewed a recap of events from the day.






  Retail Orphan Initiative   |   Event Videos 

RetailROI uses these videos to help kick off their events and recap the work that has been done each year with donations. Please note not all videos on this youtube channel were produced by Whole Lotta Grace.








test5NICOLE_P15_2232ASEAbout Nicole Taylor

Nicole is a former investigative television news reporter. She began her career in 2001 producing local news at an CBS affiliate in Tallahassee, Florida. There she learned how to edit and shoot, skills she would continue to build during her broadcast career. Shortly after she transitioned to the front of the camera and made the move to an NBC affiliate station in Wilmington, North Carolina (market 132). There Nicole earned the Associated Press award for Rookie of the Year along with Best Investigative Story. After 2 years, she was offered a job in Charlotte, NC (market 23) and made the jump to the NBC affiliate there. During her 4 years at WCNC, her stories were featured on CNN and MSNBC. After 7 years of the television news schedule, she decided to pursue a more “normal” life and entered the world of communications and marketing for a non-profit trade association. Now pursing her passions, Nicole enjoys video production and photography while scheduling her work around her two small children that have proved to be the most challenging job of all. To learn more, please email nicole@wholelottagrace.com.