{Snow Queen}

I haven’t blogged in months and am diving back in – first up – my own snow queen. She was determined to put on her “snow queen” dress when it snowed a few weeks back – I had this vision of a fun photoshoot in the snow with my girl – as usual, it didn’t go down like that. She had no interest in being a part of my shoot – so I got what I could and let her do her thing. She is as feisty as they come so don’t let that face fool you:)

2016_01_Ella Winter White-10862016_01_Ella Winter White-10232016_01_Ella Winter White-10162016_01_Ella Winter White-11492016_01_Ella Winter White-11372016_01_Ella Winter White-11762016_01_Ella Winter White-11322016_01_Ella Winter White-11092016_01_Ella Winter White-11782016_01_Ella Winter White-11342016_01_Ella Winter White-1091-22016_01_Ella Winter White-10632016_01_Ella Winter White-1049-22016_01_Ella Winter White-10282016_01_Ella Winter White-10212016_01_Ella Winter White-11722016_01_Ella Winter White-11292016_01_Ella Winter White-11232016_01_Ella Winter White-10782016_01_Ella Winter White-11872016_01_Ella Winter White-11482016_01_Ella Winter White-11242016_01_Ella Winter White-10942016_01_Ella Winter White-1010