{tell a story, change a life}

I love to tell stories…it’s why I became a journalist…it’s why I became a photographer…it’s why I love creating videos. Early on when I was in news, I told mostly sad, tragic, violent stories. I found my way to RetailROI where I get to tell incredible stories about resilient, amazing people. Many of them living in conditions unfathomable to most – but these stories are still beautiful as much as they are heart wrenching.

We are all story tellers – and it’s that sweet human capability that leads to change – positive change. Simply put…tell a story, change a life! There are thousands of stories that need to be told right now in West Africa…over 3,400 to be specific. Ebola is ravaging the area and beyond this horrible virus lives people who are trying to survive it – children who have lost everyone, everything they know…they are facing the world completely alone…many whose communities have shunned them.

Check out this video to see for yourself what you can do to help – visit www.RetailROI.org/EbolaRelief. You don’t have to be rich to help, you don’t have to be associated with the Retail industry – you just have to say “I want to help” / “I want to make a difference”. It’s so much easier than you think.

This Sunday is orphan Sunday – a time when we need to be reminded of all of all of those that don’t have a family to call their own. Not just reminded – but reminded that we need to do something to ensure these children are safe, loved and not forgotten. There is a desire deep in my soul to do just that in whatever way I can – join me!