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theirstory2A couple years ago I attended the Christian Alliance For Orphans conference and one of the organizations there had a tag line that resonated with me – ‘Tell a story, change a life’.  I think about that often because it’s so true – stories can change the way we think, feel, react, perceive – stories create that personal connection that can create real, positive change.



I am compelled to share the stories of these kids – vulnerable and orphaned children. Working for an amazing organization (Retail Orphan Initiative), I get to hearstories about (1) kids facing the worst circumstances you could imagine (2) amazing people showing grace to these little ones by making changes in their lives through education, technology, clean water, shelter, mentoring and advocacy.zambiaheader



To be able to tell their stories through pictures and videos is a blessing. During a trip to Africa a couple years ago, I had a particularly hard time readjusting when I returned to my family and surroundings. It took me
about a month to even talk about the trip with anyone. I had finally opened up to a dear friend and the stories I told her prompted her to begin sponsoring a child from the school I had visited. It’s funny how things work sometimes.


I don’t openly talk about the kids I meet, the places I visit – but I am really trying to be more open about these stories because you never know how it may move someone to help – check back here where I will post updates on my travels and these amazing children. Next trip, Liberia: November 2015.header3




Retail Orphan Initiative

LifeSong for Orphans

More than Me

Vision Trust

Safe Families




*A percentage of Whole Lotta Grace Photography profits are donated each month to RetailROI, an organization dedicated to helping orphans around the world.